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Sesame Seeds

Sesame are the flowering plants that are cultivated for its edible seeds. The worldwide production of the Sesame is more the 7 million tonnes and we are glad to serve you with the export of Sesame in the better quality and price.

Sesame seeds are considered to be one of the oldest oilseeds plants to know. It is being cultivated over 3000 years ago. The Sesame cultivation was actually originated from India. The crop is special because it grows where all other crops fail to grow, in drought.

Other companies export Sesame gaining higher rates compared to standard ones. The major pricing factor for Sesame seeds is the look of it and the quality. We ensure that we supply the ingredients and oils seeds only after purchasing scientifically treated, properly cleaned, washed, dried, colour-sorted, size-graded and impurity-free seeds with the proper oil content (Minimum of 40%). These are the criteria for the export of the Sesame seeds which when failed to meet then the seeds are considered to be unfit. Therefore it can only be consumed locally. We ensure that we see to every factor of the exportation.

Nutritional Value Of 100 G.
Nutrition Amount Nutrition Amount
Calories 573 Niacin 4.515 mg
Protein 17.73 g Carbohydrate 23.45 g
Sugar 0.30 g Fibre 11.8 g
Fat 49.67 g Copper 4.082 mg
Calcium 975.00 mg Phosphorus 629.00 mg
Magnesium 351.00 mg Iron 14.55 mg